I came to Dr. David Ditsworth for the non-invasive surgery he performs and it did a wonderful job in removing my left leg pain completely. Unfortunately I had another problem develop over the years with L5-S1and recently, in fact, yesterday I came in for a repair of that location and a little bit on the right L4-5 which had been bulging. The operation was successful, I am basically pain free in both legs and the only experience I have at the present time is a little bit of soreness from the surgery where he went in with the score.

I am an internist (M.D.) from Washington D.C. and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute

I am a family doctor from Mexico and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute

I am a Medical doctor from Iowa and I had non-traumatic Neck surgery at the Back Institute

Hi, I'm Lawrence and I'm a physician from Connecticut and I learned about the Back Institute by researching things on the internet and reading about what was done. I read the major publications that the surgeon has published and thought this would be the ideal treatment for me. Prior to the surgery, I was completely incapacitated. I couldn't walk. I couldn't sit at all. The pain was one of the most severe pains I've ever had in my life, going down my leg with numbness.

I'm very glad that I came here. I feel pretty good. I had surgery yesterday. The whole operation has been so professional from start to finish, everybody that I have dealt with. I'm very pleased and I know that I'm going to be referring my patients here.


I am a Cardiologist from New Jersey and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute. "It's truly non-traumatic, no more pain and I'm feeling good.*"

I'm Adam and I am a Surgeon from Washington and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute. After a perfect procedure with Back Institute, I returned to doing surgery myself 3 days later.

I came to California to have surgery with the Back Institute. I have been having quite a lot of difficulty walking, that was my main complaint, I was unable to see my patients and go about my usual activities of daily living. Going grocery shopping was miserable because I could not walk very well. I got fatigued very easily and in addition to that I was having increasing pain in my leg and increasing in my buttock that was not going away. When I was researching options, I noticed that many of the surgical options for this included destroying bone and destroying quite a bit of tissue around the spine that I would like to have intact. When I found the endoscopic procedure here, I thought it was the best way for this procedure to be done for me and that it had the lowest rate of complications and that I would return to full function was highest with this procedure. I came out and it was an excellent experience, everyone treated me very well. I was impressed with the quality of the operation and the quality of the staff here. Everything went smoothly. I had no pain after the operation and I had an immediate decrease in numbness a decrease in the tingling and return of the strength in my legs. So I am very very happy and pleased to have come out to California.

Being a chiropractor, I have seen failed back surgeries every day, so I really did not want to have surgery. But it got to the point that I wasn't sure what to do. So I Googled and found Dr. David Ditsworth. I knew someone who had seen him for the same surgery and did fabulous, so I opted to go this route. It has been more than 3 years since the surgery with Dr. David Ditsworth and I am feeling very well. Everything went smoothly. I am very thankful for it.

I found Dr. David Ditsworth and his statistics were very good, the best I can find on the web. I decided to get the operation and the day after, I was immediately well. There was not really any down time, I was not sick because the procedure used is not invasive; just reach the disk, remove the bubble in the disk, and release the nerve pressure and that's it, he goes out. He doesn't cut, there is no bleeding, and it is very easy for the patient. I has relapse two months ago of the same thing. This time I was not scared of the procedure and I decided to come back immediately and to prevent the nerve damage. I had my surgery yesterday and I am well today and I am happy to tell you that. I hope that people who are suffering from that condition can find a good doctor, like Dr. David Ditsworth to take care of them because he likes what he does, and he is the best of his science.

I couldn't be happier with the outcome. About a year ago, something like that, I started developing leg pain in my right upper part of my leg. This became debilitating for my job. I went to a series of doctors who miss diagnosed at first and finally got an MRI emergently one night and showed damage to the L4-5 disk area. The treatment at this time was to get injections. Clearly injections are only going to quiesce the problem, but they did help for a bit. After the second or third injection failed, I got very depressed. I am a surgeon myself and this was causing me and my practice a lot of financial hardship and emotional hardship. So I decided that surgery was going to be the only option. Although I am not a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon, I started doing my own due diligence on the internet and realized that back surgery was very difficult and could be done in many different ways. I think the first thing that many people look at is minimally invasive surgery, and as I looked at minimally invasive surgery I realized it was going to impact my life more than I could afford. By that I mean that the recovery was going to be long and it was going to be affecting my practice, my staff, my life in general. So I then started looking at alternatives to the traditional minimally invasive surgery. Frequently laser surgery appeared and the concept of laser surgery seemed pretty good. I like the idea that it wouldn't be removing any bone but when I started looking at the potential complications of laser surgery I became very concerned. And I decided that I would look into the doctors who were doing the laser surgery and I found out that they weren't neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons, by in large they were anesthesiologists or pain doctors. After Hannah and I decided that this was really too risky we decided the prospect of entering the joint space endoscopically was great however I only wanted a neurosurgeon to do that. Then I came across the Back Institute, started reading about it I watched the testimonials of some of the doctors and other patients and I got a really good feeling about it. I contacted Cyndi and talked to her about it, I got the various tests that were asked and met with Dr. David Ditsworth and his associate and couldn't have been happier. I thank Dr. David Ditsworth and his staff.

My name is Josee. I'm from Canada and I'm a physician in Canada. I was recommended to this place from a friend that had the same surgery before and they were really satisfied. In fact, I was tired of motor impairment on my right leg. Even if I'm older than young athletes, I really wanted to get rid of that motor impairment and in Canada, we don't offer much of those surgeries because they're more invasive and I didn't want to ruin two or three years of my life waiting for post-operations problems. So I decided that, for me, the money invested into that surgery was well worth it. Life is short and I just want to enjoy life as much as I can and there's no price for this, for enjoying my life.

It's been a wonderful service. I was really pleased with everything. The surgery is amazing. They are artists. They are using very small, small incision, almost smaller than my fingernail for sure; and one day after surgery, I can walk. I can do anything and I don't feel any more. I can lift my leg now. I can feel almost all of my leg even if it was a hard surgery for them because my problem was bigger than they thought because of everything but I'm really satisfied. I will never regret this. It's something I would recommend to anybody that wants to enjoy life and just continue throughout their normal life.

The staff is wonderful. Darren has been wonderful too for really putting me in that. I was really spoiled too, to have the red carpet a little bit. And it was amazing. It's been an amazing surgery. I think for sure that I will never regret this.


I am a retinal surgeon from South Carolina and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute. "I'm pain free adn feel like atotally new person.*"

I am an Anesthesiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute. "Fantastic relief, I'm totally happy.*"