I am Daniel from Florida, and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute

"I saw internet promotional material regarding "laser" and "arthroscopic" that I liked, so I went to Tampa, but no help."

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I had been having problems that developed gradually over two years. I initially sought care from chiropractic and physical therapy that provided no relief. I saw numerous specialists in my home state that all promised their procedures were "minimally invasive" and I saw promotional material regarding "laser" and "arthroscopic" that I liked.

I went to one of these centers near Tampa, Florida and saw the doctor there. The plan I was given was very different from what I had expected, based on the promotional material.

This was the surgical plan for me:
First - Bilateral. Microsurgical Debridement of the Facets with Rhizolysis, Next - Left Laminotomy with foraminotomy with discectomy, Next - Right laminotomy with foraminotomy with discectomy

One of the doctors told me I would need 6-7 separate procedures to correct my problem (each at a large cash price). I decided not to proceed there. When I contacted the Back Institute, they quickly explained to me that these laminotomy/foraminotomy procedures were in fact the old, traumatic surgery. I was shocked that they turned out to be exactly what I wanted to avoid. The knowledge that was shared with me made the Back Institute an easy decision for me. I realized it's safer to travel out of state to actually get a non-traumatic procedure, than it was for me to have a traumatic large open back surgery locally in my home state.

I am very happy after my surgery and I would recommend the Back Institute to anybody. They truly do what they say they will do.*

I am Daniel Yi from Ecuador and I had a non-traumatic neck disc removal in the summer of 2008.
I injured my neck and developed weakness, numbness and pain in my right arm that was not getting better. My surgeon in Ecuador wanted to cut my neck open and fuse, but a friend of mine had been to the Back Institute in California and he said I should go there also. It was a great choice for me.

After the surgery, the pain and numbness went right away. The weakness went away during the first week after the operation.

Look at my neck a week after the non-traumatic surgery. No scar can be found!!*

I am Debbie Young from Vermont and I had non-traumatic surgery at the Back Institute in the Summer of 2008.
My back exploded while lifting heavy objects. Post surgery I am now completely pain free.

I am able to do all my activities without difficulty.

This note is to let you know I am back to 100% normal.*

I am Robert from Washington. I had non-traumatic surgery at Back Institute in the Summer of 2008
I am ecstatic about the surgery.

I am very close to 100%.

It has been quite a while since my back felt this good.*

This is Dr. Rogers, (M.D. from Utah) checking in 6 weeks post-op.
This summer, I had lumbar surgery for herniated disc at the Back Institute.

I am feeling much better post op. I continue to improve and unlike prior to the surgery, I am able to work, sit, sleep, and walk without the pain.

I appreciate the safety of the non-traumatic approach. Thanks.*

I am Dr. Rosas, a pharmacist from Texas and I had non-traumatic disk surgery at the Back Institute in the Summer of 2008
I am extremely pleased with the results of the operation.

The subsequent healing period following the surgery has really been positive-- I'm still improving!

I am feeling much improved and able to work and do activities without symptoms.*

I am James, an attorney from Arizona.
My problem has gone away about 95%!* Previously, I was told I would have to live with the problem. I had non-traumatic access discectomy surgery at the Back Institute in the Summer of 2008.

I am greatful I found this treatment. Now I look forward to living a normal life without pain again.*

I am Lisa from California and I had non-traumatic surgery in the summer of 2008.
Many thanks to the Back Institute. I had surgery in the Summer of 2008.

I am delighted with the surgery.

I can now work, stand, sit, sleep and do all activities without pain or restrictions.*

Hi! I'm Dorinda, age 52, and I'm an R.N. from Georgia and I had non traumatic surgery at the Back Institute in the Spring of 2008
My low back herniation was in my L5-S1 . I had 5 months of sever pain symptoms. my pain started in November of 2007 while lifting heavy dumbbells. The pain was mostly in my left leg and it was so intolerable! I had numbness, weakness and limitation of movement. Walking was very painful; I was even having to drag my leg. There were so many times that the pain was so severe that I would just have to lay down to ease the pain.*
Now a day after my surgery I can actually lift my leg and I have full range of motion again. It's Great!!

I am Bill, 72 years old, from Florida and had non traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute - Spring 2008
The pain in the back and down the left leg had been severe for months. I had a stroke 15 years ago, so already needed a cane. With the disc problem I was in a wheel chair. After the procedure the pain all went away and I can walk like before. It is wonderful.*

I am Adela C. from Rancho Palos Verdes, California and I had non traumatic surgery at the Back Institute in February 2008.
I'm 77 years old and from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. I was unable to really live my life because of the back pain I had. There was pain in my back and all down my legs. My left leg and toes were numb. I could not walk upright and it was often that I couldn't lift my leg.*
Every day at 3:00 or 3:30 pm I had to give up walking and lay or sit down because I was in so much pain. I couldn't even do my basic household duties. My life was very negatively affected! A day after the surgery the pain is gone*, I can walk upright and I feel great! *

I am a machinist, 48 years old, and came to the Back Institute in California in January 2008 flying from Connecticut, traveling on crutches.
I hurt my back jet skiing in July 2007, then it got worse in November when I had to crawl under a car. I had two epidurals with no help. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5 S1 by an orthopedic surgeon who recommended open back surgery. I did not want that.
I was taking vicodin and neurontin for pain. Pain got progressively worse requiring the use of crutches and I could not sit, I had to lie on my back or on my side, I couldn't work.
I came to California in a great deal of pain on crutches for treatment. I had the surgery and immediately after did not require the use of the crutches and felt wonderful. I am now pain free and walking by my self and not taking any medication for my former back problem. I am very pleased with the result.*

I am Courtney W. from Pasadena, California and I had non-cutting low back surgery at the Back Institute in December 2007.
I am 55 years old and I am a sales executive. I developed low back and leg pain after lifting heavy equipment in September of 2007. I had chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, took medication and had epidurals. None of that helped. The pain was not tolerable. I could not sit or walk. I had lost muscle size in my right leg.
An MRI showed that I had a very large disc problem and I saw surgeons that recommended laminotomy (bone removal). I knew that the disc was badly ruptured and really hitting my nerve. I knew that I had to have something done, but I did not want an operation that would cut apart my spine just to get to the problem and could create a worse problem.
At the Back Institute I was told that I had fragments of disc pushing on the nerve and that these needed to be plucked out. This was done with a procedure that treated the problem, without taking my spine apart to do it. (No bone was removed.)
The results of the surgery were fantastic. I was immediately pain free and was able to get rapidly back to my usual life and work.*

I am Jeff B. from San Diego, California and I had non-traumatic disc surgery at the Back Institute on November 29, 2007.
My pain began suddenly more than three months ago and all the time after then I had severe pain in the back and in the right leg. My foot was dropped, and for three months I was experiencing awful pain. My family doctor prescribed medications and physical therapy; however it didn’t bring me any relief.
I couldn’t sit, the sitting position increased my pain.All the time I had tingling and numbness in the foot and back. I didn’t believe I could be helped without a big operation. I was willing to do anything, so I saw a surgeon and was scheduled for the traumatic type of surgery in San Diego.
Everything that happened after I found the Back Institute seems like a miracle. I cancelled the big traumatic operation and got scheduled to have non-traumatic. After surgery I returned to work on the next day, it’s unbelievable!!!
I am not taking medications anymore, after three months of sleepless nights and endless pain it is absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you, so much.*

I am Ron from Long Island, NY and had non-traumatic spine surgery at the Back Institute on October 18, 2007.
I have been in pain with my back since 1992, but it was bearable until about two years ago. In 2002, I was injured at work and from that point on it was all downhill. From 2002 to the present, I tried all different types of treatment. These methods included physical therapy, nine epidural injections, spinal decompression, pain medications and anti-inflammatories. After none of the above was successful, I consulted with two different neurosurgeons. I could not believe that both of them told me that I needed a fusion. At this point I was in so much pain that I was willing to undergo anything that would take this pain away. I was scheduled for a spinal fusion in July of 2007. One week before the surgery I backed out because I knew that there had to be a better way in this day and age. I started researching every aspect of the different types of surgeries offered for my type of condition.
I found the website for the Back Institute and was intrigued by what they had to offer because after all my researching not one of the other procedures could promise what this place had to offer. For weeks I started to investigate everything I needed to know about the Back Institute. I felt so confident that I wanted to schedule my procedure ASAP. I am from New York and we are known to be extremely cynical individuals so naturally I was being convinced by my family members that this was “too good to be true.” I knew that this was the right thing to do so I decided to listen to my heart and boy was I happy with my decision.
Everyone at the Back Institute was wonderful. I had the procedure on Thursday afternoon and was having a martini and steak dinner at 5:30pm which was well deserved. I even decided to extend my stay an extra two days to take in the sights and enjoy an activity for a change. Most amazing of all was that I was back to work the Monday after the procedure. I wish I had found the Back Institute years ago because what they have done for me is beyond anything that these words can describe. *

Written in Oct. 2007 by: Chris J. I am in New York and had non-traumatic spine surgery at the Back Institute in February 2007.
I suffered from back pain for more than 10 years. My career as a parole officer has definitely placed a toll on my condition. After one specific incident of a criminal resisting arrest, the pain in my back went to a place that I never want to relive again. I experienced numbness and tingling in my leg and foot for months. When the weather would change from warm to cold, my symptoms and pain level would escalate. After months of going through unsuccessful treatments of physical therapy, chiropractic care and injections I was in a state of desperation.
As I was doing some research on the internet, I stumbled upon this procedure performed at the Back Institute. It looked so simple and surely beat the conventional method. Prior to consulting with the Back Institute, I was told by several doctors that my condition was not serious enough to go through major surgery. They told me that I should just deal with the pain. I took it upon myself to listen to what my body was telling me and I contacted the Back Institute.
I had my surgery on February 22, 2007, and had an immediate feeling of relief. I was back to work full duty within a short period of recovery time. The pain I was having is nonexistent. The Back Institute is a class act! *

Written in October 2007 by Dr. Patrick D. - I am from Virginia and I had non-traumatic spine surgery at the Back Institute in July 2007.
On October 6, 2006, I injured my back while I was mountain biking. Because back problems were nothing new to me, I knew that the pain I was feeling was not good news. I had back surgery twenty years ago and it took more than one year to recover. I was reluctant to endure this arduous process all over again so I tried all other non-surgical methods. So instead of one year of going through a painful recovery from back surgery I put myself though eight months of non-successful treatments, consisting of back exercises, chiropractic care and injections. As time passed, my condition starting getting worse. I was barely functioning in my practice. Being a dentist requires standing for long periods and I just could not withstand the pain anymore. I finally came across the Back Institute while researching for non-invasive treatments. *
On July 6, 2007, I had the procedure and experienced immediate pain relief. I had originally booked my fight home two days after the procedure but because of how great I was feeling I moved my flight up to one day earlier. When I returned home, I felt as if I could have returned back to work within one week after surgery. I decided to take a little more time because I didn’t want to ruin this miracle I was experiencing. I was non-symptomatic and at 100% functioning within 6-8 weeks post surgery. I am back to my active life in which I truly enjoyed before my injury. Just this past weekend I went for a one hour bike ride and pitched my own tent while camping. It is great to be back to my old self! Thank You!*

I am Jesseca T. from Oklahoma and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute in July 2007
I have been on 4 airplanes and in 6 airports since the surgery and walked & stood the whole time with no help!!! I have had no pain while sleeping.
My life is 100% different since the surgery!!!! I can now walk, stand upright, sleep, and am totally free of pain from the herniation!!!!!!
My husband is a medical doctor and we cannot believe the difference. I can now take care of the kids again!!! *

I am Christopher F. from Florida and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute in July 2007
Now there is no pain. There is no numbness. The only weakness is from the inability to exercise for months before the procedure. Now I am getting stronger.
Comparing to before the procedure is like night and day!! I'm almost in a state of shock. I can't believe the immediate relief.
I have not even taken so much as an aspirin, tylenol or advil since surgery.*

I am Tab A. from Texas and I had non-traumatic low back surgery in March 2007
I am Tab and I am an oil and gas lease buyer from Texas. I saw internet ads about "gentle laser arthroscopic" and in 2006 I went to Tampa, Florida and had surgery. I did not get better.
A scan done a couple of months later showed why. My disc herniation was still there! They drilled and punched out my bone and took out 1/3 of my joint and did not fix the disc problem. Not exactly "gentle arthroscopic" and not effective either.
I still needed my back fixed and wanted to have it done with no further trauma. That is why, in March 2007, I went to the Back Institute in Beverly Hills and had the same disc herniation treated; this time with no trauma and no stitches. *
It was a much better experience! I am greatly improved and happy that I went. The people there were wonderful to me. Thank you so much, everyone at the Back Institute.*

I am Steven McKinney from North Carolina and I had non-traumatic spine surgery at the Back Institute in May 2007
I was injured on the job in February of 2007. I continued to go to work until I could not withstand the pain anymore. I lost my job because of my inability to continue my daily requirements. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my low back which was pressing on my sciatica nerve.
I consulted with a neurosurgeon on a Wednesday who claimed that I had no other options except major back surgery. He wanted to schedule me for surgery on that Friday of the same week. Because of the horrendous stories I had heard from people who had this type of surgery, I knew that this is not the route I wanted to take. After that visit, I tried chiropractic care, physical therapy, and Epidural shots all of which did not help. I was in such discomfort that I could not sleep or do other daily activities that I used to take for granted before I was injured. I knew that something had to be done before it was too late. *
At 4am one morning I got on the computer and stumbled across I have to say that at first I was a little skeptical as to why no other doctors informed me of this wonderful procedure.. I decided to contact the Back Institute and have all of my questions answered. And that is the result I got. Every question I had was answered, and all of my skepticism was replaced with honest and knowledgeable facts. Within a week of finding out about the Back Institute, I was in California having the procedure.

After the procedure, I had immediate relief. I felt as if I had never been injured at all. The pain that I had disappeared. The procedure I underwent is truly amazing and miraculous. Since I have gotten home, I am already back to work. In conclusion, I just have to say how happy you guys have made me. I am truly blessed that I found the Back Institute.*

I am Stacie from Nashville, Illinois and I had back surgery in April 2007
Words cannot describe the appreciation I have for the entire staff of the Back Institute.
It has been three weeks today since my L4/L5, L5/S1 (no trauma) discectomy. I am free of the intense pain in my back & buttocks, no tingling in my feet, and the weakness in my legs is gone!* I am experiencing soreness at the surgery site, but the back pain is gone!* I will be starting my water therapy next week.
When I woke up from surgery, I knew the surgery was successful...the back pain was gone and my feet weren't tingling.*
Please extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire staff for their excellent treatment. They always made me feel comfortable...and we even had some great laughs together!

I am a true believer in the Back Institute and if there is ever anything I can do to help you promote your business...I am just a click away!

Again, thank you for being so good at what you do!*

I am Aaron. I had non-traumatic spine surgery at the Back Institute in April 2007
I am a construction worker, who for the past eight years have worked on a daily basis in terrible pain. I was forced to get up every morning and go about my daily routine knowing the pain that I was going to endure. After some time, I was able to learn how to cope with the pain and being miserable at work, but once the things that I used to love to do were slowly being taken away I knew that something had to be done.
I had tried physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medications. I had consulted with two neurosurgeons in New York who suggested fusion or disc replacement. At that time I was not going to succumb myself to that type of surgery.
However when the pain progressed, I was open to anything. When I went back to the doctors that had suggested the above procedures a few years back, they now told me that they doubted this procedure would even help. They advised me to seek a pain management specialist to deal with the pain. I was distraught. *
My wife started to do research on the internet and came across the Back Institute. From my initial conversation I found the staff to be very helpful and professional. When I arrived, I had to say the only thing I was worried about was the Anesthesia. Dr. Martin was amazing, and he really put my mind at ease. After the procedure, I had immediate relief. As soon as I opened my eyes, I knew the quality of life that I once had, would be changed forever. That night I went out to dinner with my family and actually took a nice walk including walking up a hill.

The experience I had at the Back Institute was better than I could have ever imagined. I went fishing and hunting this weekend. These are the activities that I could not even think of planning two months ago. I am so grateful that the doctors in New York told me that fusion would not help, because it never would have given me the opportunity to find this miracle.*

I am Susan M. Pegram-Mills from West Palm Beach. FL and I had my non-traumatic surgery in April 2007
I had severe pains down the left leg from the hip to the achilles tendon when walking, sitting, bending, etc.... I couldn't find a comfortable position and went to my doctor. The thing that really got me was when I coughed or sneezed, the pain was instantaneous and sharp. I had MRI's done and it turned out that I had a ruptured disc at L5-S1.
I tried to find a Neurosurgeon on-line in my area that would treat this in the most non-invasive manner, as I did not wish to have back surgery of any kind. The thought of that just terrified me, but I couldn't stand the pain that was increasing as time went by.
I found and became very interested in this procedure as opposed to what I had heard from doctors in my area. The fact that the doctors at the Back Institute are able to perform this particular type of discectomy with absolutely no incision, scarring or removal of bone was what caused me to fill out the form on the website.*
A couple of weeks later, I was called and immediately put at ease. It was explained to me in full detail exactly what the procedure entailed and every single question I had was answered. I didn't feel pressed or rushed and it was nice to have someone who was so willing to take whatever amount of time was necessary to talk with me. It was absolutely the greatest!
When I chose to go to the Back Institute, I was absolutely impressed with the entire staff. Everyone there was so kind and understanding. I felt completely at ease with the procedure and all the doctors and nurses on staff. I was particularly impressed with Dr. Martin, the Anesthesiologist, as well as the entire surgical staff. If ever there is a time when you're nervous, it's just before you "go under" and everyone there did everything to make me feel safe and secure. Robin, the RN and "Tim-who" the phlebotomist were so kind, I can't even begin to describe how at ease I was.
I am very happy to report that it has been 2 weeks since the surgery and I'm doing great! I have absolutely no pain at all; from the minute I woke up from the surgery to now. What a relief! To be able to walk upright like a Homo Sapien again is fantastic!
I can't thank the Back Institute staff enough. You all are fabulous and I highly recommend anyone seeking this type of medical assistance to see them. I'm so glad I did!!!!*
Susan M. Pegram-Mills West Palm Beach, FL
(As a PS..... I'm doing phys. therapy 3 X per week and am doing great. I feel GREAT and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!!)*

I am Christopher Lemcke. I live in Canada and I had non-traumatic low back surgery at the Back Institute in March 2007
About twelve years ago, I hurt my back after I slipped and fell while playing basketball. This was the start of on and off back pain for several years and I pretty much lived with it.
Three years ago, the pain unfortunately became worse. I saw a pain management physician and had three epidural injections. The injections reduced the pain, however I never recovered completely.
An MRI showed a very large herniated disc and the pain management doctor eventually recommended that I have a microdiscectomy. No one wants to have surgery, but when it became clear that I couldn't avoid it, I decided to go the Back Institute.*
I went to California and I had the procedure. I would have to say that I feel fantastic. I have almost no pain and I no longer have any numbness or weakness in my legs. It was unbelievable that there could be such a change in my pain. I had no problem whatsoever after going through the procedure and receiving the care at the Back Institute.*

I am Robert Buckman from Indiana and I had outpatient back surgery in March 2007
I've been having back pain for about a year and a half and I've seen several doctors, including physicians at the Cleveland Clinic. I've seen a chiropractor, a pain management doctor, a rehabilitation doctor and a neurosurgeon. I've had manipulations, traction, physical therapy, and epidural spinal injections and still the pain wouldn't go away. The neurosurgeon recommended that I undergo surgery.
I decided against it, but then I learned about a facility in Tampa, Florida and scheduled surgery there. I ended up canceling that surgery and instead I went to the Back Institute.*
I have to say that when I compare the pain I had before to how I am after the surgery, well, it's terrific, a world of difference. I used to have trouble sleeping because of the pain and the numbness. Now, I can sleep better after having the procedure. In fact, during the flight to California I was quite uncomfortable. On the flight back to Indiana, I felt much more comfortable going home thanks to the treatment I received at the Back Institute.*

I am a physician, trained at Stanford; presently living and working in Colorado. I had low back surgery at the Back Institute in February 2007
I am so happy that I decided to come to the Back Institute.

As a medical doctor, I really felt that I was in capable hands.

The doctors at the Back Institute developed the non-traumatic access method of disc removal that they use and have experience with thousands of cases. Others say they can do the same thing, they can not! I was not going to have a traumatic arthroscopic operation or an even more traumatic open back surgery.. The other doctors would have cut apart my back, but I was not going to have that done.*

I am Chip Randall, from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and I had non-traumatic spine surgery at the Back Institute in January 2007
Dear Back Institute
I'm a new man thanks to you. The procedure went exactly as you said it would. I got up off the operating table and went out for a celebratory lunch without the excruciating pain that had been my constant companion for months. I appreciated our candid and informative discussions prior to the procedure. I was completely at ease when the time came.
Just this morning, my wife told me, with tears in her eyes, how wonderful it was to have her husband back. We can't thank you and your staff enough.*
With sincere gratitude,
Chip Randall

Chris Faustyn from Michigan. Now playing college football, thank you Back Institute. [letter and picture received December 2006]
Dear Back Institute
I just thought I'd send you an update of one your former patients, my son Chris Faustyn. You operated on his herniated disc in April of 2004.
He was a sophomore in high school at that time. Since then he went on to play his junior year of football & LaCrosse and then on to his senior year of football & LaCrosse where he won All Division. He is now attending College in Michigan & is still playing both sports.*
Without your help, he wouldn't have been able to realize his dreams. I just want To Thank You again for taking care of him and making it possible for him to take His best shot.
I'm sending a couple pictures from the last couple of years. Thanks again & have a wonderful Christmas Season.* Dan Faustyn.

Name: Tom C. from Florida   Age:50.   I had non-traumatic spine surgery at the Back Institute in May 2006(Update Jan 2007)
I was in constant escalating pain on a daily basis for six months. I had to be on medication to counteract the excruciating pain that had taken over my body. I was more or less torn apart. I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from dealing with what I thought was a permanent and endless pain. I could not function in my everyday life. I could not perform my job to my fullest capacity because I could not think properly.
I tried physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections and saw four different neurosurgeons who claimed that major back surgery was my only option. They wanted me to fuse the vertebrae and put a titanium cage in my back. I wanted nothing to do with this recommendation so I started looking for less invasive approaches. After researching many channels, I finally came across the Back Institute. *

I immediately sent in all my reports and films to see if I was a candidate. Once I was told that I was, I scheduled the procedure for mid June (for work circumstances), but called back a few weeks later to move the surgery up because I could not withstand the pain anymore.
When I went out to California, the staff was amazing. They could not have been more professional. At that point I was confident that I was in the best possible hands I could be. After the procedure was completed, I could tell immediately that it was successful. The pain that I had for so long was gone.* It was like a miracle. The feeling that I had laying on the gurney was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The relief of knowing that this procedure worked was like this heavy burden that I was carrying for so long was finally lifted off my shoulders.
After the procedure, people could not believe that I was the same person. My whole personality changed. I felt like I was 20 years old again. I was able to do the things that I was unable to do for so long.
The Back Institute is a brilliant group. I want people to not have to go through what I did for so long. I want people to know that there is no reason to live with back pain. They gave me a new lease on life and you should let them bless you with one too.*

I am Daniel R., an Investment Banker from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I had non-traumatic, low back surgery at the Back Institute in November 2006.
I had been having problems that developed gradually over two years. I initially sought care from chiropractic and physical therapy that provided no relief. I saw numerous specialists in my home state that all promised their procedures were "minimally invasive" and I saw promotional material regarding "laser" and "arthroscopic" that I liked.
I went to one of these centers near Tampa, Florida and saw the doctor there. The plan I was given was very different from what I had expected, based on the promotional material.
This was the surgical plan for me:
First - Bilateral. Microsurgical Debridement of the Facets with Rhizolysis, Next - Left Laminotomy with foraminotomy with discectomy, Next - Right laminotomy with foraminotomy with discectomy.*
One of the doctors told me I would need 6-7 separate procedures to correct my problem (each at a large cash price). I decided not to proceed there. When I contacted the Back Institute, they quickly explained to me that these laminotomy/foraminotomy procedures were in fact the old, traumatic surgery. I was shocked that they turned out to be exactly what I wanted to avoid. The knowledge that was shared with me made the Back Institute in California an easy decision for me. I realized it's safer to travel out of state to actually get a non-traumatic procedure, than it was for me to have a traumatic large open back surgery locally in my home state.*
I am very happy after my surgery and I would recommend the Back Institute to anybody. They truly do what they say they will do.*
Name: Confidential. Age: 48. Occupation: CEO of large manufacturing company, California. I had low back surgery at the Back Institute in November 2006
Since February of this year my back has really given me trouble. I tried many unsuccessful treatments over many months including physical therapy, chiropractor visits, medicines, injections, etc. The problem really took a turn for the worse in November.
I decided to investigate treatments as an alternative to living with the problem. Concerned, my wife, who has a lot of medical knowledge from working at her own clinic, did extensive research into procedures that could relieve me of my pain. We spoke with an orthopedic surgeon and he scheduled me for open back surgery immediately.
Unsatisfied with his opinion, we kept searching until she found the non-traumatic technique for my herniated disc. After my wife and I spoke with a knowledgeable Back Institute staff member, I knew this was the best way to go.
I had the procedure done within days. I am very happy I chose to have the procedure this way. I was on crutches before, the day after, I walked a mile. Then within a couple of days, I was already back to work. I will be going overseas soon.*
thanks to the Back Institute.

James Rupe. Age: 60. Occupation: Retiree from California. I had a second non-traumatic spine operation at the Back Institute in November 2006.
To the staff at the Back Institute,

Thanks for helping me again with my back problem. I’m much improved. Seventeen years ago, I had bad back pain and pain down to my left leg and you guys fixed it. I felt great until I got rear ended last year. My back got hurt again, but this time the pain went down the other leg. Never thought we’d meet up again, but you took me in and fixed me up one more time. It’s nice to have good people to fall back on when bad things happen to you.* James Rupe

October 2006. James DeMaio, Elevator Repair Engineer from Southern California
In mid-September, I suffered a severe herniated disc. I became paralyzed in my right foot. I went to several doctors and most of them told me the same thing. I had a large piece of disc that had ruptured out and traveled inside the spine against the nerve.

Those doctors told me treatment for my condition would require a big, risky operation. There was no way I'd let anyone cut into my back! I had to find another way. Thankfully, one of the doctors had referred me to the Back Institute. They offered a non-traumatic alternative to open-back surgery. The informative people at the Back Institute were very professional and helped me understand how the procedure is done without having any ill effects on my spine. It was an easy decision; I decided to get help there.*

On the day of surgery, I was on crutches, literally dragging my foot into the Back Institute. The skillful doctors used advanced techniques and equipment to treat me. The problem disc piece was taken out through a freckle sized opening in the skin.

Afterwards, the doctors stopped the medication and asked me to move my right foot... and I could! It was miraculous. I was able to stand without the support of my crutches the same day. I'm very grateful.*

November 2006 update: [date of surgery 09/24/2004] - I am Maureen O'Toole from Northern, CA and I had surgery at The Back Institute
I have suffered from a very large bulge in my L4/L5 disc that caused severe sciatic pain through my left buttock and legs. I've seen numerous neurosurgeons that suggested fusion as well as a lamenectomy. My bulging disc worsened in time to be a severe herniation. I was very cautious about going the surgery route but I knew I couldn't live my life in constant agony.

After researching different spinal relief methods I came across The Back Institute. My initial email was responded to immediately. After a few phone conversations with my patient representative I was certain The Back Institute would provide the relief I sought. A few weeks later I went in for the surgery. I have finally found sweet relief! I no longer have the pain I used to. People who have known me for years can't believe how well I'm doing!*

November 2006 update: [date of surgery 01/12/2006] - I am Matthew A. from North Dakota and I had surgery at The Back Institute
Since 2004 I had experienced unbearable low back pain that shot down to my right leg. I had trouble sleeping and walking. Even coughing and sneezing aggravated the problems. I had been to a chiropractor and physical therapist. Both treatments yielded no results. For two months I lived my life in a back brace. I tried all these methods because I didn't want to have open back surgery. There had to be an alternative to it.

When I contacted The Back Institute they explained to me that the procedure was non traumatic and there was a short recovery period. My worries were put to ease when I was told of the very high success rate. I went ahead with the surgery and it has to be one of the best choices I've ever made. I haven't had any problems since the surgery. I feel absolutely no pain! It has been spectacular. *

My name is Marilee from California
My name is Marilee. On September 21, 2006, I had my outpatient non-traumatic surgery at the Back Institute. For several months I had stabbing pain in the left lower back region that extended to my buttock. I had numbness in my toes!

After the surgery the difference was like night and day! I could walk around the following day with no pain. The numbness that I used to feel is gone as well.* I'm really happy with the results of the surgery.*

Angela W., [Clackamas Oregon,] surgery done September 14th, 2006
I am a full time nurse (R.N.) that has to be alert and on my feet for many hours. Since March, I had constant pain in my left thigh shooting down to my calf in a gripping pinch most of the time. I also had severe back pain and spasms.

Now, after my non-traumatic surgery, I feel dramatically better. Everyone is so surprised by how well I'm doing so soon after surgery. Thanks to Dr. Ditsworth, I am getting my life back.*

I am Sandy from Oregon
Just wanted to thank you and your team for a successful surgery on Oct. 6th.

I've just completed physical therapy, I'm down 25 lbs. and will likely continue exercises and aquatherapy.

I have no back pain.

I don't understand why more doctors don't do what you do but I'm sure thankful I heard about you.*

Really appreciate your post operative help also. Everyone I had dealings with were pleasant, helpful and professional.

Thanks very much, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.*

June 2006. Diane Brown, housewife from Kentucky
I am really happy I had the back surgery. I am able to work, walk, exercise, shop and everything I used to like to do without pain. Please thank everyone involved in my surgery for me. You were especially kind and helpful when I was in so much pain.*


Diane Brown
(written November 2006)

I am Schanbacher from Lewisburg, PA
Just wanted to let everyone know how well I am doing. I went to work the Monday following surgery and have not missed a day. Initially, I limited myself to sitting and walking or standing for short periods of time.

I am now 1 day from my 2 week surgery. I have no pain. I have no numbness. *

I am Christine from New York
I had spine surgery with Dr. Ditsworth. It was terrific! Look at the tiny little spot where I had the surgery.

Note from her father:
Thank you very much for treating my christine. I truly believe that you have provided a brand new lease on life for her. I tell people that this is "truly miracle medicine". Thanks again.*

I am Bahai from New York
"I have none of the symptoms from before the procedure.

Over all I feel great.*"

I am Guard from Calgary, Canada
"Back is great, legs are great, I'm taking no medications.*"

I am A.H from Rhode Island
"I'm walking today because of you.*"

I am S.P from Atlanta, Georgia
I had spine surgery with Dr. Ditsworth.

The day after my back surgery I partied late into the night.*

I walked through your doors - Jones
"When I returned home after my procedure, there was a letter waiting from a Dr. I had seen 3 days before coming down there - it said the only solution to my problems was a 2-level fusion! ha! It was nice to call him back & tell him no thanks."

Most people can not believe it is me walking down the road until they see my face - my mobility has so greatly improved from since you worked on me. Thank you so very much. Although I believe I still have a ways to go with the therapy - trunk strengthening, endurance etc., my pain level has been dropping,- there really is not a lot to compare. After the hole I had put myself in for 3 years before I walked through your doors - I know I am on the way back up the hill. You and your staff have done a great job. *

It's Magic - Thomas
I feel and I am absolutely well since my successful back surgery. My back feels and is better than the preceding fifteen years during which I struggled with intermittent bouts of horrible back spasms and days and sleepless nights on the floor looking for the 'perfect position.' Needless to say, my days and disposition are brighter and my wife thanks you for that! As a reminder, I'm 52 years old. Please post this brief testimonial on the Back Institute website as an encouragement for others.

In addition, I must say that it has been a pleasure and an honor for me to talk on the phone with other people considering the procedure when they are referred by your office. Thank you for entrusting me with such an important undertaking.

The outstanding result I was fortunate to get from your unique procedure is great to convey to others. I like to imagine that doing so holds out a kind of hope and promise for back pain sufferers. I suspect that many get to a place where they are at a loss about what to do or are in need of an encouraging word to make the decision to try surgery. By sharing about my own experience with researching herniated disc related pain, understanding historical and contemporary treatment methods, and ultimately electing to choose your minimally invasive procedure, I try to empower the people I speak with to become more informed about the choices they have. And, I emphasize the personal commitment and hard work I believe patients must make to the successive phases of post-surgical physical therapy you prescribe, as magical as the instantaneous relief afforded by the procedure can be.

For me, I could not have imagined an easier post-surgical experience than leaving the hospital after a few hours with a band aid and flying back to New York from California - comfortably - early the next morning. If I say I got off the plane, took a cab home, showered and went to theater that night it will sound like a setup and over the top - but it is true! *

Please accept my warmest appreciation and acknowledgement for the good work you do.

Thank you personally for restoring my life - Dr. Alan
I wanted to thank you personally for restoring my life. I have played 112 holes of golf in a week, moved my daughter after college and can jog for miles.

I am better than ever and am eternally grateful.

It is one year to the day that I had the surgery and I refer patients to you from my dental practice and they have gone to see you.*

Thanks forever!

Doing all things I used to do before - Stephana
Thank you so much I am back to biking, hiking and doing all the things that I used to do before my herniated disc.

My back is in better shape than it's been in years - Karen
It has been 2 years since I had surgery. I have no symptoms at all.

I workout at the gym, do weight training,and ski. I feel like my back is in better shape than it has been in years. The most benefitial thing I did was start yoga immediately after finishing up my 2 months of traction post surgery.

The stretching caused me to recover very quickly. I still do the yoga and probably will for life. I achieved excellent results and recommend the surgery frequently. My PMD is amazed and has referred patients to Dr Ditsworth.*

I have a totally different outlook on life - Gerard
I cannot tell you how this surgery has changed my life. Prior to the procedure, I was unable to do most everything. It took all the effort I could muster to go to work, especially since my job is quite physical. I managed on pain medication and anti-inflammatories, but I was still in pain and quite uncomfortable.

Now, I look forward to doing most everything. My biggest accomplishment is being able to sleep the whole night without waking up in pain. I used to cry every night because to lie down was absolute torture. I tried many alternatives to surgery before I decided to have it. I went to the chiropractor, the acupunturist, I took Chinese herbs, did exercises and went to physical therapy all to no avail. I wish these treatments would have worked, but with no success, I turned to Dr. Ditsworth. I wanted to find a surgery that was minimally invasive, and even though I live in Florida, I was willing to travel to get the procedure I was looking for.

Now, I have a totally different outlook on life. I was scared before the surgery, not because I was afraid to have it, but because I was afraid that it wouldn't work. I am happy to report that it did work, and with the help of physical therapy, I am a new person. I am now getting back into working out and strengthening my body. I believe this is the secret to a long-lasting effect of the surgery. I do not EVER want to go back to that horrible place I was in before the surgery. I thank Dr. Ditsworth and all their staff for my wonderful recovery. Thank you. *

Best decision I had ever made - Chris
I had you perform non traumatic discectomy on me about 3-4 years ago. I would like to say that was the best decision I had ever made. My back virtually pain-free. I am not limited in anyway because of my back anymore. If I ever have a problem again, I will be back to see you.

I have been referring people to you and/or your website since my operation. More specifically, I have a friend scheduled for surgery here in Indiana next Friday and I've tried to get him to send you his MRI films to see if you think you can help him, but his Dr.'s are telling him that procedure is not right for his condition. he has a bulge in L4-L5. Same as what I had. Can you please give me more info. I'd hate to see anyone go through that much risk if they don't have to. *

Normal activities since - Don
Can't recommend this procedure enough.

Anyone with a L5-S1 herniation should proceed directly to your office

I'm a runner & I have my life back - Lynn
I was a patient. I have my life back! Thanks. ( I am now 52 years old.)

I'm a professianol writer & serious runner.

I have gone on to run many races including marathons and also had my first running book published. It's doing VERY well.

I am back to what I was before surgery. MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Thank you for doing such excellent work - Nick
It has now been over a year, when you performed an non traumatic discectomy on me. This letter is to thank you for doing such excellent work and for taking away the pain that I suffered because of my injury. I cannot describe the constant stress that I had to endure because of the grinding pain in my lower back.

Because of you, that suffering is now in the past. I am now sitting, moving, and exercising free from pain. My patent litigation practice is now more enjoyable and successful. In fact every waking moment is now more enjoyable.

My life is different since the operation, and I live my days with a new perspective. I now know how fortunate I am to be well and how important it is to enjoy every day of life. I have en empathy for people having to endure pain from sickness or injury that I did not have before.

I suppose there are some things one cannot understand until one has experienced them himself. For one year, at the are of thirty-eight, I was on old man, and now I am young again. Again, thank you. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.*

I owe Dr for returning my life to me again - Debra
Words will never explain the freedom from horrible, debilitating, low back and leg pain. I suffered for seven years before being properly diagnosed by Dr. Ditsworth and receiving a L4-5 Microsurgical Transformaminal Lumbar Diskectomey.

I had immediate relief from the low back and leg pain after surgery. I have had occasional disc pain over the past year, but the last episode of disc pain was months ago.

I can run, walk, jump, and exercise daily. I am careful I do not cause any additional injury to my back. I owe Dr. Ditsworth for returning my life to me again. Thank you...Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.*

This is the way to go for back surgery - Lynn
I would love to be a reference for this procedure. People back in Iowa are just amazed at this surgery. I have become a pioneer for this area of the Iowa. I have had several people contact me or my husband about the results of this procedure. If I have this situation with another part of my spine in the future, you will be contacted. This is the way to go for back surgery!! *

Thank you for your wonderful work and kindness - Dana
First, I want to thank you for your fabulous work and wonderful treatment. I have never been so happy with a doctor and his staff as I have been with you. I have been treated with the utmost kindness, understanding, and professionalism. Everyone has been so wonderful to me - that means so much when you are in pain and scared.

I can't thank you all enough for giving me my life back. i'm still on the mend, but now I know that soon I will be able to scuba dive again and do all the activities that mean so much to me. Dr. Ditsworth, you are blessed with a wonderful gift - you give people hope and their life back with little to no pain and less recovery time. you have surrounded yourself with a fabulous, caring staff. My mom and I joke sometimes about her and I being a mother-daughter team and figured you probably don't see that too often. I want to thank you for fixing her too - she is doing quite well and she is no longer having severe pain. it means so much to me to have her feeling good again. I would recommend you to anyone with a herniated disc or similar problem. You give someone a better option that was never here before. i know I would not have had "open" back surgery because of the risk, pain, and time it takes to heal. I had severe pain in my back for 11 months before I found you and was "fixed". My first doctor told me to live with it for at least 5 years before he would recommend surgery. I couldn't live that long in pain and not being able to do anything. So, thank you-all of you- for your wonderful work and extra kindness. You will all be in my prayers.*

The results are amazing - Kim
I am writing to you about my husband, Darrell, who had surgery in October of this year. The results are amazing! He is back to his previous activities and enjoying life. He certainly is easier to live with!! Your surgical expertise and the talent of your team are peerless. We would like to recommend you to anyone who could benefit from this procedure. *

I am most appreciative for your talent and skills - Joyce
I want to thank the staff. I have been involved with many hospitals, professionally and as a patient. I have never seen a staff as compassionate and efficient as this one, a rare combination. The people preparing me for surgery and assisting my recovery were all equally considerate to allay my fears, which were high. I hope that you will relay my heartfelt thanks to everyone there. I want to thank you especially for your dedication to developing less invasive procedures for back surgery. I am most appreciative for your talent and skills. I recognize you as a true scientist! I owe them a lot for their assistance to you. The amazing thing is that I have no complaints. Thanks for John who helped me get it together to get there.*

I was in a wheel chair - Gregory
You need a new testimonial. I'm the perfect one to ask. I was in a wheel chair before Dr. Ditsworth help me. Let me know if I can help. I had the operation last September 12. What a success! I rarely have any back pain at all.*

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